Beauty inside and out

wheatgrass the plant and the resulting juice shot

Wheatgrass is full of chlorophyll. So what you say, it’s a grass it should be. That is vey true but this grass is good for us not the cows.  I have just come back from a four day Spa trip, thank you ferratum UK. Alongside my yoga, Pilates and meditation in fabulous surroundings I discussed my diet and the value of taking care of myself from the inside out. Wheatgrass was suggested. Apparently wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll which is very useful in decomposing radicals in the body which helps slow aging down. It also neutralizes toxins, is antibacterial and can stop the growth of bacteria. It has a lot more value which you can read about here. I certainly felt the benefit from drinking it and although an acquired taste I have bought some and intend to juice my own, not got a juicer yet but found this video to help me for the time being. I have given quite a lot of thought about looking after myself from the inside out and it makes good sense, so much so I have arranged an appointment for myself with a naturopathic doctor to discuss what is best for me. I will let you know how that goes next time. Anyone been to a naturopathic doctor? If so let me know your experiences. I fully intend to grow old gracefully but to that end I have to work at it now, would you agree?


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