Creating a Party Look

This time of year is packed with social obligations, meaning I’m looking through my closet and  box to create this year’s winter party look.  With enough patience and baubles, no one will notice that I’m wearing clothing they have seen me wear other places. Since I haven’t had to make a large purchase this year I can splurge, a little, and buy a brooch I have had my eye on. I have a little money left from my spa trip.

Party Balloons come in a wide variety

My skin and makeup need attention, though.  I tried a loose powder makeup, last year. I liked it so much that I have run out, so I’m trying  mineral makeup, this year. It’s still loose powder, but without the talc so many colour cosmetics have. I’ll add shimmer to both my cheekbones and just below my eyebrows, giving my face a subtle glow. I might break my natural rule and wear false eyelashes, though. Nothing lifts my spirits more than a party, especially when I can update my look with just one or two additions.

I know that I am not the only woman anticipating a party, and looking forward to dressing up. It gives me a chance to repurpose my existing wardrobe!. How will you create this year’s new party look?


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