Relax and Indulge Yourself with Luxury, Nourishing Baths

We all look forward to holiday time because its a time to pack your bags and get away from it all. You’ll want to relax and indulge yourself. After a lazy day in the sea and the sun you will want to relax in a luxurious bath with additives that are enriched with nourishing ingredients that will soften your skin. If you’re feeling romantic and you’ve got a bit of money to splash out, soaking in a bath with red wine promises to be decadently revitalizing. The polyphenols in red wine are antioxidants and cleanses pores too. Simply pour in a glass or more of red wine into your running bath for a wonderfully extravagant holiday treatment for your skin.


Celebrated for her beauty, Cleopatra ruled Egypt and she got her soft and supple skin from bathing in milk and honey. Honey works to soften the skin and the lactic acid in milk works as an exfoliator for the skin. By simply pouring in a couple of cups of full cream milk and half a cup of honey, swirling it around in your tub and hopping it, you’ll quickly discover the secrets to beautiful skin. If you can’t afford to pour in milk and honey, you can enjoy a super spa experience by purchasing ready-to-use packets of milk and honey.

If you don’t want to add in your own blend of natural ingredients to your bath, there are plenty of organic bubble baths which are anti-aging and will rejuvenate the skin. Ingredients such as aloe vera, seaweed extracts and herbs nourish, polish and soften. the skin and are great for skin that has been damaged by over-exposure to the sun.


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