Make your own natural moisturizer

Moisturizer is a must use especially in dry conditions. It not only make your skin supple providing the hydration but also protects from pollution. The oil present in the moisturizer makes a film over the skin protecting it. The moisturizer that you get at stores are made mostly from petroleum products and are mass-produced. However individual skin differs in their properties. Home made moisturizer is the way to go as you can make one suiting you own skin. You can use only organic products to keep you skin healthy. I make my own moisturizer which even helps me keep the wrinkles at check. I have made an array of beauty products and gifted a pack to my friend who works at Ferratum in Auckland. She told that it was better than any of the brands she had used earlier.

Make you own Moisturizer

Method to make :

  • Preparing natural emulsifier – Take one ounce of bee-wax and put in a pot with 50 ml water. Heat the mixture, and let the bee-wax melt and mix. Stir to keep the mixture smooth. This is the base for the moisturizer to keep the ingredients together. Bee-wax also has its own benefit.
  • The natural cleanser – Take 10 gm of Aloe Vera extract. You can make your own by boiling one leaf from the plant in 250 ml water. Aloe Vera has natural property of removing blemishes from skin.Add the extract to the emulsifier and mix.
  • The Moisturizing mixture – Take around two ounce of glycerin and add one tea-spoon of natural vegetable oil. I use home-made coconut oil. Add the ingredients in the mixture and let the mixture mix appropriately. The mixture will turn almost white when mix is ready to go.
  • Cooling – The mixture will be liquid. Just remove and add to a small jar made of glass and label with date. Once cooled the natural moisturizer is ready.

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