Sandalwood Powder for Skin

Sandalwood Powder for Skin

Pollution is the reality and our skin gets exposed to all kinds of pollution everyday. The beauty products market is crowded with products to address this issue. However most of them are chemical based and cause some harm or the other while cleaning away your skin. I have tried many products but the one I hold dear is sandalwood paste.

It is very popular and easy way to get rid of pollution and also remove blemishes from face and other parts where the skin is the most tender. Sandalwood can be used for various purposes and one way is to mix with turmeric and curd to make an amazing facepack at home. Add to that the aroma of sandalwood and the cool effect on the skin and it is easily the most popular beauty product.

Sandalwood can be used to make various face packs which can be beneficial for different purposes. I will tell about a couple of easy to prepare ways to use sandalwood for your skin.

  • As a skin moisturizer – Just make a paste of sandalwood powder with rose-water. The paste is a natural moisturizer and will make your skin supple. Generally used for the face but can be applied all over the body. For dry skin you can add a bit of milk cream.
  • To remove Sun Tan/ Dark Circles – Sandalwood is a natural skin lightener. Add lemon juice, half teaspoon along with rose-water and make paste. Apply this to dark circles or sun tanned areas of skin. You will be amazed by the results.

That is a bit of home remedies made out of my favorite sandalwood. More to follow in the next post.


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