Turmeric and Beauty



Turmeric is a plant extract  which has many benefits. The powder from the rhizomes has been used as a spice in Indian food for centuries. It is a natural cosmetic and use of turmeric on our skin can cure many ailments.

  • Acne Treatment – Acne is a major problem among youth, and especially in today’s polluted air.A face pack made from turmeric powder and sandalwood reduces pimple. The antiseptic and antibacterial property helps fight infections and give a glow to your skin.
  • Natural face mask for oily skin – A natural face mask made from turmeric, sandalwood in orange juice, is perfect for oily skin.It helps remove blemishes. The face pack is made using half spoon of sandalwood powder, a pinch of turmeric and orange juice. Just apply leave for 15 minutes and remove using lukewarm water. The result is refreshing and you will feel it.
  • Natural face mask for dry skin – Turmeric is also beneficial for dry skin type. A face mask made with egg white,two drops of olive oil, lemon juice and rose-water with a pinch of turmeric is ideal for dry skin. Apply and wash with warm water after 15 minutes to get a fresh feel.
  • Anti Ageing – Turmeric is a natural exfoliation agent and a paste made of equal parts of turmeric and gram powder is ideal for whole body application.The mixture is made into a paste using milk  to give the desired effect.
  • Wrinkle treatment – A great remedy for wrinkles and dark circles. Just apply a mixture of rice flour and turmeric powder in milk all over face and neck. Leave it to dry for half an hour and rinse with cold water.

There are many benefits of turmeric for hair and also for the stomach. I will discuss that in the next blog.


Is it Natural Enough for You?


Natural ingredients could lead to extinction.


The label says “all natural”, the package has green leaves all over it and the plastic bottle or jar has those little arrows indicating that the bottle is recyclable. Then, you see ingredients with parenthetical statements:

  • glyceryl laurate  (botanical source)
  • sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
  • sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (from palm)
  • sodium cocoyl glutamate (from coconut & sugar cane)

Yes, the parenthetical statements make you feel good, but laboratories extract and/or concentrate the ingredients listed. In other words, a laboratory is still manipulating the ingredients, regardless of source. Is that “all natural”?  While  purists feel that any laboratory involvement renders the product, and its ingredients, unnatural, I don’t mind the parenthetical “greenwashing” cosmetics companies engage in. Unless an ingredient is completely man-made, I consider an ingredient source “natural enough”, and here’s why…..

Without laboratory manipulation, cosmetics and skin care companies would consume millions of whole, living plants for access to one or two ingredients, driving many plant species into extinction.

On balance, I’d rather companies isolate the necessary compounds, then reproduce them without consuming more plants. As recycling paper is easier on forests than consuming complete trees for every single ream of paper produced,  a lab’s having synthesized nature’s compounds can be an act of conservation.

It would be nice to use ingredients directly from the plants that produce them, but I’d rather know that plant still grows, somewhere.

Coconut is the answer to everything

Yes, coconut is a trend. It’s the Twilight Saga obsession of the beauty industry. Celebrities are endorsing coconut water for ailments from dry skin to electrolyte replenishment. Typically, I am weary of such bold benefits. However, the seed (or fruit) has won me over to the extent that I think it might be like the Holy Grail, providing eternal life to those that drink it.

Coconut water, oil, milk and flesh are all beauty secrets

Coconut water, oil, milk and flesh are all beauty secrets

Coconut water is one of the purest substances on earth. Think about it, how difficult is it to open a coconut? Inside the coconut lies a powerful elixir that in unrefined, natural and downright magical. Ancient civilizations used coconuts for food, medication, clothing, weapons and building materials. Fast forward to the 21st century, here are some coconut-inspired beauty tips.

1) Use coconut water on your face. Coconut water has natural healing properties. Drill two holes in a coconut, drain the water. Put the liquid in ice-cube trays and once frozen, smooth over your face for a refreshing toner that will actually remove blemishes overnight. However, it might be a bit sticky so only do it before bed.

2) Drink natural coconut water. It’s good for digestion, your immune system and hydration.

3) Use coconut oil on your skin. Coconut oil is easily absorbed by your skin and is non-greasy. It’s an incredible moisturizer for rough and dry skin.

4) Use coconut oil in your hair. Use it as a hair mask for extra conditioning. Let it sit on split ends or even use it instead of pomade and hair gel.

Rescue your mascara with no effort!

You will not believe how much mascara can lighten up your face. However, I’ve known a lot of people who buy mascaras, use them very infrequently and then throw them away at the first sign of clumps, or brush dryness. However, there is no reason for you to throw away your mascara for such a simple reason. Here are some tips that will make sure your mascara stays almost new, and clump-free for a longer time.

Woman Eye

  1. Do not pump the mascara wand. This will trap air inside and make the mascara dry out quicker. Instead, you should twist the wand and roll it out slowly.
  2. In case the mascara has gone a little dry, take a few drops of saline in a dropper and put it into the mascara tube. Shake it a little bit, and use it. You will notice that the mascara has become even again.
  3. In case there are clumps in your mascara, just run the brush under really hot water. This will get rid of the clumps in no time at all.
  4. Do not throw away the mascara wands from more expensive brands. You can keep the wand and use it on a cheaper mascara. Half the magic of the mascara lays in the wand, so you can make use of the wand for a longer time.

These are some of the most effective mascara tips- and you barely have to spend any money on these fixes!