Sandalwood Powder for Skin

Sandalwood Powder for Skin

Pollution is the reality and our skin gets exposed to all kinds of pollution everyday. The beauty products market is crowded with products to address this issue. However most of them are chemical based and cause some harm or the other while cleaning away your skin. I have tried many products but the one I hold dear is sandalwood paste.

It is very popular and easy way to get rid of pollution and also remove blemishes from face and other parts where the skin is the most tender. Sandalwood can be used for various purposes and one way is to mix with turmeric and curd to make an amazing facepack at home. Add to that the aroma of sandalwood and the cool effect on the skin and it is easily the most popular beauty product.

Sandalwood can be used to make various face packs which can be beneficial for different purposes. I will tell about a couple of easy to prepare ways to use sandalwood for your skin.

  • As a skin moisturizer – Just make a paste of sandalwood powder with rose-water. The paste is a natural moisturizer and will make your skin supple. Generally used for the face but can be applied all over the body. For dry skin you can add a bit of milk cream.
  • To remove Sun Tan/ Dark Circles – Sandalwood is a natural skin lightener. Add lemon juice, half teaspoon along with rose-water and make paste. Apply this to dark circles or sun tanned areas of skin. You will be amazed by the results.

That is a bit of home remedies made out of my favorite sandalwood. More to follow in the next post.


Formaldehyde Nail Polishes are Here to Stay

I have been reading a lot about chemicals and cancerous toxins in our cosmetics. It is just terrible how for greed of money, men doesn’t mind killing other fellow beings by poisoning them. However, there are also good news that we have now alternatives available. Here, we talk about nail polishes.

If you’re in love with your regular manicure, it is really possible to find a healthy alternative. A formaldehyde free nail polish is now available and this is good news for nail salon workers who have always been at risk working with these products every day. Some of these nail salon workers have reported an increase in breathing problems and asthma.

organic cosmetics

There are some nail polish manufacturers  who have started re-formulating their products in order to remove the toxic ingredients from nail polishes, such as dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. Dibutyl phthalate is used in nail polishes to add that lovely moisturizing sheen, but it also happens to be a  reproductive and developmental toxin which is particularly bad for boys to inhale. Formaldehyde on the other hand is found in nail hardening products and it leads to skin irritations and will also irritate the eyes and throat.

Utmost Care and Protection in Chemical Free Nail Products
It is in your best interests to look our for the less-toxic brands of nail polishes; the formaldehyde free nail polishes. Some top brands are making safe, non-toxic nail polishes, and if you expand your shopping to pharmacies and online, it won’t be hard to find an excellent range of  nail polishes that provide performance without the toxins.  It is always best to read the labels and verify the ingredients of any of the bail polishes you use to establish if you are being offered the 3-free or 5-free  polishes that promise to dazzle and shimmer without any dangerous side effects.

Relax and Indulge Yourself with Luxury, Nourishing Baths

We all look forward to holiday time because its a time to pack your bags and get away from it all. You’ll want to relax and indulge yourself. After a lazy day in the sea and the sun you will want to relax in a luxurious bath with additives that are enriched with nourishing ingredients that will soften your skin. If you’re feeling romantic and you’ve got a bit of money to splash out, soaking in a bath with red wine promises to be decadently revitalizing. The polyphenols in red wine are antioxidants and cleanses pores too. Simply pour in a glass or more of red wine into your running bath for a wonderfully extravagant holiday treatment for your skin.


Celebrated for her beauty, Cleopatra ruled Egypt and she got her soft and supple skin from bathing in milk and honey. Honey works to soften the skin and the lactic acid in milk works as an exfoliator for the skin. By simply pouring in a couple of cups of full cream milk and half a cup of honey, swirling it around in your tub and hopping it, you’ll quickly discover the secrets to beautiful skin. If you can’t afford to pour in milk and honey, you can enjoy a super spa experience by purchasing ready-to-use packets of milk and honey.

If you don’t want to add in your own blend of natural ingredients to your bath, there are plenty of organic bubble baths which are anti-aging and will rejuvenate the skin. Ingredients such as aloe vera, seaweed extracts and herbs nourish, polish and soften. the skin and are great for skin that has been damaged by over-exposure to the sun.

Beauty inside and out

wheatgrass the plant and the resulting juice shot

Wheatgrass is full of chlorophyll. So what you say, it’s a grass it should be. That is vey true but this grass is good for us not the cows.  I have just come back from a four day Spa trip, thank you ferratum UK. Alongside my yoga, Pilates and meditation in fabulous surroundings I discussed my diet and the value of taking care of myself from the inside out. Wheatgrass was suggested. Apparently wheatgrass is high in chlorophyll which is very useful in decomposing radicals in the body which helps slow aging down. It also neutralizes toxins, is antibacterial and can stop the growth of bacteria. It has a lot more value which you can read about here. I certainly felt the benefit from drinking it and although an acquired taste I have bought some and intend to juice my own, not got a juicer yet but found this video to help me for the time being. I have given quite a lot of thought about looking after myself from the inside out and it makes good sense, so much so I have arranged an appointment for myself with a naturopathic doctor to discuss what is best for me. I will let you know how that goes next time. Anyone been to a naturopathic doctor? If so let me know your experiences. I fully intend to grow old gracefully but to that end I have to work at it now, would you agree?